The Boat Collection

When I was young, I spent part of my summers with my grandparents. Each July we camped on the banks of a small river in the shadow of an old wooden bridge just high enough allow a small rowboat to pass beneath. My memory has gaps, but between them are rich visual memories filled with the rhythmic cadence of the oars slicing the water, the damp misty air, and my grandfather fishing. I recall the early morning light moving along the boat gunnels and the wonder of seeing the changing lines and shapes. This was the first awakening of my photographic vision. The Boat Collection not only documents the moments I witnessed, but also an attempt to capture the feeling of a child fishing with his Grandfather in the late 1960s. I love this series not only for what it means to me personally, but because it tells the story of so many people—the awakening of our fondest hidden memories.